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Before sending, we suggest you read over what exactly you get out of the deal. (below)

The First Phase - Site Design and Implementation:



  Preliminary conversation to discuss your objectives and what "you do."


  Complete and mail to you a contract for approval and signature


  Register Domain Name.


  Request and review additional information to learn more about your company.


  Determine your desire for "bells and whistles." (javascript, cgi, etc)


  Design a preliminary site layout for your approval.


  Design a page template to use throughout the site to maintain a company "look."


  Design and create standard and customized graphics for use throughout the site.


  Create and test the "bells and whistles." (javascript, cgi, etc)


  Begin coding of the web pages and form(s).


  Periodically request your approval for work.


  Complete coding and place the pages in a test directory for approval.


  Test pages, links, "Bells and whistles" and form(s).


  Make any editing changes needed.


  With your final approval, move the site from the test directory to your Domain Name site.


  Test the entire site again.


  Submit your Web site address to 10 directories and search engines.


  Create and maintain backups of your site.

The Second Phase - Keep them Coming Back:
  The second phase of a Web site is to keep it dynamic. With a little additional monthly charge, Blizzard Web Design will maintain your site, adding info, pages, graphics and features at your command.

Blizzard Web Design is proud to announce that hosting has been added to the list of things we can do. We offer a free 30-day trial to all new account holders. Along with hosting, Blizzard Web Design will also immediately register your domain upon submission of your account. InterNIC takes about 24 hours to receive and process your domain name, then about another 48 hours to propagate your domain name around the world. So, within about 72 hours of your confirmation of your account, you should be able to find your website at (www.yourdomain.com). Once this process is complete, a welcome letter will be emailed to you.

Since domain name registration is completely in the control of InterNIC, Blizzard Web Design cannot guarantee this time table, however we will do all that we can to see that it is met.

Your free trial period begins the day that you receive your welcome letter and expires 30 days after the receipt of your welcome letter. To cancel service within your free trial period, you must send an before the end of your free 30 day period. (Should you exceed the transfer rates of your selected plan during your free trial period, you will be responsible for only the amount of transfer above the selected plan.) On the 31st day of service with Blizzard Web Design, your credit card will automatically be billed on the anniversary day of each month you continue service with Blizzard Web Design. (If no credit card, a bill will be sent to you which will be required to be paid or Blizzard Web Design will discontinue hosting your domain.)

You need not pre-pay for any period of time. Service with Blizzard Web Design is on a month to month basis. However, discounts are available for accounts pre-paid for 6 months and 1 year. The discount for pre-paid accounts of 6 months duration is 5%. The discount for pre-paid accounts of 1 year duration is 10%.

Now is the time to order before we bring up our prices. You can do this three different ways:

Mail Us (Address above), eMail us (), or fill out the form below (prefered)

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Email Address:

Services: Web Site Hosting


1 ($29.95/month)
      2 ($54.95/month)
      3 ($79.95/month)
      4 ($199.95/month)

Domain Name:


Choose One:

This is a new domain name.
      This is an existing domain name.
      I don't want a domain name now.

Site Title:


  Web Site Design


1 ($79.95)
      2 ($95.95)
      3 ($149.95)

Choose One:

This is a new web site.
      This is an existing web site.
      I don't want a web site now.

Monthly Maintenance:

Yes ($21.95/month)
  Marketing & Promotion

($16.95 per site)


(Included in Design plans)


Yes I have read and agreed to the terms of service for an account with Blizzard Web Design (box must be checked for acceptance of application.)

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