Web Hosting: In order to display your web site on the world wide web, you will need a Host. A Host's job is to hold all the web page's files and graphics so the users around the world can view them. The task of finding a good Host is normally a very hard one with many run-arounds and readings of fine print. Blizzard Web Design understands this and pulls through with a very simple, straight-forward plan that will accommodate any size business. This is a brand new feature of Blizzard Web Design which offers breakthrough low prices on a fast internet connection for speedy viewing and accessing. We also give you the choice of having Blizzard Web Design create your site (see Web Design below), or you can make the site on your own.
Web Design: Web Designing was the original idea of Blizzard Web Design (as you can see in our name). The Blizzard Design crew here has many talents that are evident on all of our pages, graphic wise and design wise. We have the equipment to make a successful site along with many other things. Some of the tools we use include: Adobe Photoshop, Symantec Visual Page and BBEdit. Our web design is nothing short of quality, meaning we'll start from square one. Not by just coding your pages, we start at the beginning with site design and development without the gimmicks and run-arounds. We will work with you to identify your target audience, and to determine the most effective way to present your services and/or product, as well as develop the best web site design to achieve your goals. Blizzard Web Design is more then willing to take the time to learn about your business and do exactly as you wish in order to fit your company's needs. Finally, if you're not happy with the design we create for you, we're not happy, and we'll go that extra mile to fix what it is you need fixed.
Site Maintenance: Blizzard Web Design also offers monthly maintenance on your site. Doing things such as adding new pages, updating information, fixing problems and reporting your sites statistics. This is a vital step for many sites that wish to keep the viewers coming back. You have the choice of allowing us to do this for you in a very organized easy-on-you way, allowing you to focus on your work without the extra stress.
Site Promotion: Another vital step in having a successful site is good advertising (or else not many will know your site exists.) Blizzard Web Design is proud to announce that we do that too! When you sign up - we automatically submit your site's address to 8 major search engines to bring visitors. Other tactics include banner trade and additional search engine submissions.

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